Sunday, June 13, 2010

Who is Peter Joseph ? (ZeitGeist)

 Peter Joseph is a brilliant social critic. He does an excellent job of establishing both the value and burden of religion on the human race. Joseph has a keen eye for social dogma and the artificial social structures that support it. How such a brilliant person can be oblivious to the fact that science and technology are religions that are based on materialism and empiricism is frustrating. PJ's indoctination into materialism seems to have left him a bit of a "humans are the problem" eugenecist. He is basically swapping one system for another without seeing his own egoism(my system is better than yours). I respect his decision not to procreate and to adhere to whatever dogma he prefers. I agree that our current work system is meaningless. However, it would be nice if he could acknowledge that what he is proposing is just another one of the philosophies he had previously criticised as an ego based social structure

Who is Peter Joseph? from charles robinson on Vimeo.

Mayan Phrase in lak'ech You Are Another Myself


Dan said...

It is very odd to say that science and technology is a religion. Religion is a dogmatic rigid belief system, fundamentally defined (at least in the current establishment) as immutable. Science is a methodology which is designed by its structure to do away with firmly held belief in favour of what can be proven in the natural world.

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Yanica Catnipps said...

When something " not known " is baptized into being something, which is not until legaly proven beyond anything that ever was not and never missed, this supposed problem is solved under a flag of justification and the naive genius of a suggestable form can be hijacked. So then the ligitimate nature of these bodies are hailed as problem solvers. If have yet to see that work out when all supposed fems of puzzlepieces fall into place. This is the frankensteinism of goals met by the glorification of freedom and independence that ambition accompliches. If all problems would be solved they would serve a purpose instead of becoming a bick dick display taken down by other " problems". We may attempt to help them help.

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