Saturday, July 26, 2008

1961 One Step Beyond - The Sacred Mushroom

So, in 1961 a TV host could take mushrooms on camera and share his trip with the viewing audience? Now all we have is "reality TV" ? so much for the future !

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ancestral Recall, Akashic Access, and The Age of Aquarius

Every microscopic band of our DNA is comprised of the most ancient part of the cosmos ~ It's Genesis ~ The Virtually invisible tendrils and pathways to alternate dimensions and gateways to an electric fabric ~ A construct with rules that can be bent and broken ~~ Where we can create psychedelic landscapes ~ Sunsets and supernova ~ and bind our dreams to the waking world..

Where magick, humanity, and stardust co-exist on a plateau of aqua marine nebula Floating in and out of thought like an interstellar balloon.

Our DNA houses our fluid karma ~ the ancestral memories from every experience we have ever had, in every form of conscious incarnation from the beginning of perceived time. Many people accredit their Deja~Vu and astral capabilities as well as their power and control over their dream cycle to information seemingly spilling from a limitless Akashic River of
Knowledge ~ that in no way can be described as having form or age, or stationary 3 dimensional

Enter the Water Door ~ The Dawn of a new Aeon approaches ~ The Age of

Inspiration and Hat Tip To:

Jake Kotze:

and Henrik Palmgren:

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Time Tree Echos, Equilibrium, and The Obama AntiChrist?



If the very nature of time is cyclical ~ Then how can one differentiate between possible outcomes? Would they not flicker at a rate of speed so fast that the tiniest of thoughts could create a completely different reality?

A Butterfly that flaps it's wings may indeed cause a hurricane to form on the opposite side of the world. There is a strange play of polarity between fact and fiction ~ Can you tell the difference? Through magickal practice of the highest order within the "League of Shadows," I sit back in awe as they create the 3rd and final Antichrist Obama ~ That not only Vindicates the faith of the planet's most popular religion, but also paves the way for complete and udder chaos; Which in turn ~ Finds it's way back to an equilibrium. A Math equation that is constantly balancing. A new Pythagorean Era has arrived.

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